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Our People

Professional, skilled and motivated from start to finish

We are event specialists and understand how to work smoothly alongside other event contractors. Our hand picked teams work thousands of hours at events each year and are used to applying their skills in diverse and dynamic event environments.  

We are willing to listen, adapt and change.

Our experienced Clinicians are compliant with high level Insurance indemnity, DBS checks and professional development.

Our Planning


"A 360 degree understanding of your needs"

We know that effective pre-planning and documentation is vital. We craft accurate, clear and comprehensive paperwork from your proposal through to your post event debrief.

Ollie, our Founder proudly co-wrote the 'Purple

Guide' Medical section.  Our extensive knowledge base enables us to fully support you when identifying your requirements.  Together we will arrive at the core of safe, robust and common sense Medical provision.

Our Delivery

"Lots of moving parts and lots of work"

We join all the dots together and deliver capability and calibre when it really counts.  


Throughout your live event phase there will be a dedicated and experienced leader assigned to support you. They will be your point of contact and will capably lead on making the pre-planned and dynamic plans happen.


All of our shift leaders have undergone nationally designed and delivered command and control training.